best vivo phone 2022

best vivo phone 2022

4. Vivo iQoo 9T – Best for Gaming

The gaming phone market is becoming increasingly competitive, so it takes a real cracker for a device to stand out and make heads turn.

Almost every metric that really matters, the iQoo 9T offers a dependable set of cameras, strong battery life, an excellent screen and more than enough power for even the most demanding gamers, the Snapdragon 8 +Thanks to Gen1. It even packs a surprisingly fast 120W charging.

It’s in small ways that the device arm itself with poor thermal management, weak haptics, and bloatware already installed, among other software frustrations.

As such, for most people, it will be a smartphone that will meet their needs and perhaps even surpass them in many ways, and for a price that won’t leave a huge hole in your pocket. Although it doesn’t have the ‘x factor’ to make it a true knock-out superstar, the iQoo 9T is a well-regarded, accomplished smartphone enough to earn a recommendation.

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