Daily Authority: Headphones Smart Up

Daily Authority: Headphones Smart Up

Good morning and welcome to the Daily Authority of Tuesday. I’m feeling full this week after managing to light up the bed, mattress, fridge, and sofa for my new apartment without breaking a sweat. OK, that last bit was a complete lie.

“Dumb” headphones get smarter with OS in your ear

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Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Although the best Bluetooth headphones and wireless earbuds nowadays are packed with features, they’re still comparatively “dumb” compared to our smartwatches and smartphones. As our Robert Triggs writes, “they are bound by the manufacturer’s pre-installed features and limited customization options inherent in proprietary apps.” But what if headphones were smart? Sonicle’s CosmOS can make this a reality.

what’s the plan?

universe There’s a slimline operating system for headphones, earbuds, and other hearing aids.

  • The idea is that users will be able to install new features and even bring favorite features from old headphones into their new ones.
  • But how does it work without a screen? Right now, unlike smartphones or smartwatches, there’s no unified platform or OS for headphones, so features vary between manufacturers and even within manufacturers, which can be frustrating when swapping for a new pair.
  • CosmOS “will free consumers from the shackles of manufacturer dictation.”
  • As well as the more general audio features, sonic fantasy apps for gaming, fitness and wellbeing, title enhancement, and more.
  • On this note, Sonical recently announced a partnership with Segotia to bring neuro-sensing consumer and medical applications to the platform.
  • Other uses may include measuring temperature and in-ear heart rate, as well as sound enhancement for people with tinnitus or hearing loss.

challenges ahead

That’s a big challenge: The headphones aren’t built to run traditional apps and typically rely on a tethered smartphone for most “smart” tasks, such as using a voice assistant. Small, power-efficient processors are not capable of machine learning-based computing.

  • Sonical has designed its own chipset which is specially made to run Cosmos, Listenable Apps, Essential DSP functions and Advanced Machine Learning.
  • However, it won’t run on anything and everything and will require partners for both software and silicon.
  • Sonic Solutions architects Gary Spittle and Johnny McClintock have an impressive long-term vision: a completely unattractive experience where headphones are a standalone experience. “A wireless earbud charging case acts as a connectivity hub, enabling content streaming over Wi-Fi or 5G and passing a Bluetooth or ultra-wideband connection to the earbuds and any other connected devices. In this scenario, headphones are a standalone product, whether you’re listening on the go, connected to a laptop for a video call or sitting down for a gaming session, taking their apps and features with you.

Looks great, doesn’t it?

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Tuesday’s talk

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But whether or not you’re in love with The Rings of Power, you can’t help but think it’s funny.

Paula Beaton, copy editor.

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