Daily Authority: Samsung’s watch for trekkers

Daily Authority: Samsung’s watch for trekkers

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review: Is it good?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro in silver color showing off the watch face and lugs in hand with fluoroelastomer strap

Chris Carlone / Android Authority

Let’s move on to today’s main story. In the lead-up to Samsung’s Unpacked event, I was pretty excited to hear rumors about a more serious outdoor smartwatch with a bigger battery. Our Kaitlyn Cimino recently went with this model, which was billed as Samsung’s most advanced smartwatch to date – the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. But is this device bringing Samsung closer to Apple and Garmin in the smartwatch race? Find out below.

small changes, significant improvements

It looks like 2022 is a year of slight improvement for Samsung. We have already seen this with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4.

  • The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro builds on the success of the Galaxy Watch 4 without introducing blockbuster features. However, they improve the attractiveness of the product to a great extent.
  • For starters, Samsung ditched the Classic’s rotating bezel in favor of a sturdier sapphire glass lens.
  • There’s also a new D-buckle clasp, which takes some setting up but “brings in a more refined feel and echoes of a high-end analog accessory.”
  • These subtle changes make for a significantly refined product that should stick with even the toughest outdoor lifestyles.

good and bad

So, how do these changes affect the overall experience?

  • Overall, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro makes some significant strides thanks to Samsung and Wear OS.
  • The (literally) big new feature is the battery, which is just shy of 600mAh.
  • That translates into two days of endurance, which includes “two nights of sleep tracking, two GPS workouts, two indoor workouts, and more around menus and apps.”
  • The facilities are also a big win for hikers. Upload GPX files to the watch and use them as your route guide and track back to retrace your steps.
  • Samsung also brings an improved heart rate sensor that does particularly well on runs and indoor cycling.
  • On the Wear OS and performance front, “Apps load quickly, menus are responsive to swipes and taps, and the extensive Play Store’s app library is far ahead of any competition not made by Apple.”

But, there are some drawbacks.

  • The missing physical bezel is a sad loss for those who can’t adjust to the sensitivity of the touch bezel (or to sweaty hands).
  • Samsung’s health facility availability remains a scattered mess. The skin temperature sensor is not yet available, while the blood pressure monitor and ECG will be limited to smart Samsung devices and select markets.
  • And those fancy GPX and track back features? Well, they aren’t available to runners yet.

Should you buy one?

  • In the grand scheme of the smartwatch segment, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is an exceptional product.
  • This is the best Samsung and Wear OS smartwatch you can buy and will be a tough nut to crack for the likes of the Pixel Watch.
  • However, all these minor improvements add up to a huge investment for potential buyers.
  • Still, if you’re looking for a smartwatch with some outlandish pedigree, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro should be your next wearable.


monday meme

I was tempted to include yet another adorable business proposition derivative This week, but instead, here’s something that reminded me to review my digital life.

Monday Meme Daily Authority 22 August 2022

From time to time I change my most important passwords. We’re also staunch supporters of password managers here android authorization, This comes after some of us fell victim to security breaches before. It is imperative to secure your digital door opener keys.

So, what are the first steps?

  • The first port of call is employing a password manager and using your password generator to secure vulnerable accounts.
  • Next, consider switching to two-factor authentication for services that allow it and get 2FA apps.
  • Finally, set yourself a reminder to review your passwords at least every month. There are tons of reminder apps on Android to choose from.

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