Daily Authority: Stars of IFA 2022

Daily Authority: Stars of IFA 2022

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

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Main attractions from Berlin

ASUS ZenBook 17 Fold OLED 22 Fans Briefly Cropped During Press Using Android Authorization

Bogdan Petrovan / Android Authority

ASUS ZenBook 17 Fold

This week, Berlin hosts the annual Internationale Funkasstellung, better known as the IFA. Europe’s biggest tech conference was back in full force after small and virtual events in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Our team was also out in full force, roaming the halls and absorbing the latest technology on display. But what was special to him? Read on to find out.

The mid-ranger to beat Honor’s inflation

  • It’s not every day that a mid-range phone really stands out from the crowd.
  • But you have to pay attention when it offers flagship specs at a mid-end price tag.
  • Honor 70 Pro Plus brings 6.78-inch 120Hz OLED.
  • You also get a 50MP selfie camera, a 54MP primary snapper at the back, a 50MP ultrawide lens, and an 8MP telephoto module.
  • Internally, the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 comes with up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.
  • Power comes from a 4,500mAh battery charged at 100W.
  • Overall, it’s an impressive lineup for which you’d expect to pay close to $1,000.
  • The Honor 70 series piqued our interest and won our hearts with its modest starting price of €549.

Asus’ exciting foldable future

  • Foldable phones have matured over the years, with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 clearly indicating that.
  • However, foldable laptops are just starting their journey.
  • Asus gave us a closer look at its challenger – the ZenBook 17 Fold OLED – at IFA 2022.
  • It comes hot on the heels of Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold.
  • The 17.3-inch screen folds up into a 12.5-inch laptop that can be used in any mode with a physical keyboard.
  • In his brief practical time with the tool, aas Bogdan Petrovan was convinced that the form factor had immense potential.
  • “While the product itself sacrifices a lot, especially for its hefty price tag, Asus’s foldable laptop is undeniably good.”
  • It just needs a bit of refinement, but foldable laptops may make more sense than foldable phones.

LG’s Curve-on-Command TV

  • Big TVs were all the rage at IFA this year, and some had some up their sleeves.
  • LG is no stranger to bendable and curved displays.
  • However, its latest device showcased at IFA is a different breed altogether.
  • The LG OLED Flex may look like a typical flat 42-inch display, but it can automatically transform into a curved screen at the touch of a remote button.
  • In general, the feature set suggests it’s geared towards gamers, with a variable 120Hz refresh rate, and support for Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s FreeSync.
  • The Curve should increase overall immersion when gaming, while flat-screen viewing makes the display worthwhile for cinematographers.
  • LG hasn’t announced the price, but it is expected to lean back to afford one.

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monday meme

The planet appears to be turning into an air fryer by 2022. It was Europe’s turn at the end of August, and now California is facing a scorching heat. is not only the temperature of the day breaking long-running records In some areas, however, residents are also being asked to reduce electricity consumption during the hottest hours of the day. It also means reducing the use of AC. People are not the happiest. This is where today’s meme comes from.

Monday Mem Daily Authority 5 September 2022

We can’t help but heat up, but whether you’re in California or other parts of the world with limited power supplies, you should have a backup power solution for your mobile devices.

Looking at LA’s weather forecast, the warm weather should last through Friday.

On that note, stay safe and have fun.

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