Dev Builds App That Alerts You Whenever You Send Data To Google

Dev Builds App That Alerts You Whenever You Send Data To Google

C Scott Brown / Android Authority

tl; Dr

  • The creators of PowerDNS created an app that tells you when your computer sends data to Google.
  • The name of the app is Googleteller.
  • You can install it for free, but the app only works on Linux-based operating systems.

If you have a Linux-based operating system, want to know if Google is tracking your data, and don’t mind the constant beeping, then Googerteller is the app for you.

Created by developer Burt Hubert, Googerteller is an app that is designed to beep every time your computer sends data to Google. If his name sounds familiar, it may be because he is the creator of PowerDNS, a widely used open-source DNS server program. As a privacy advocate, Hubert created Googleteller to understand what kind of data is sent to Google, when it is sent, and where it happens.

In today’s internet landscape, it is not uncommon for tech companies like Facebook and Amazon to collect user data for a variety of purposes. Google, in particular, has been known to track the way you use the search engine and other apps. While gathering data could help Google further improve its offerings, it’s not hard to see why some would consider it a bit offensive.

Knowing how extensive Google Analytics and Google’s ad network are, you can probably estimate how often the app beeps when activated. If you’re having trouble visualizing it, you can watch the video below, in which Hubert tweeted himself typing this into the Chrome browser:

I made a very simple tool that makes some noise every time your computer sends data to Google. Here is a demo on the official Dutch government jobs site. The noise starts when the domain name is already typed. Code, currently Linux only:

According to 9to5google, Googerteller works by using a list of IP addresses that are publicly provided by Google and linked to multiple Google services. When your computer makes a connection with the addresses, it causes the app to beep.

If you want to try out the app for yourself, here it is available for free, While it is designed to work only for Linux-based operating systems, few people have made it to work on macOS.

While there’s a new way to know how Google tracks you, unfortunately, it won’t do anything to stop it. However, there are steps you can take to limit Google’s tracking. If you want to learn how, you can check out our how-to page.

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