Enjoy high-end features and performance at a reasonable price – Mobiles.in

Enjoy high-end features and performance at a reasonable price – Mobiles.in

iQoo- Vivo’s sub-brand in China recently entered the Indian market with a mid-range phone model iQoo 3 with refined features and 5G connectivity for its top model. Price starts from Rs. 36,990 and offers really good value for money thanks to advanced hardware and sophisticated features.

design and performance

The model sports upmarket looks and has solid build quality. It has a 6.44” AMOLED display and the body is outlined with a thin bezel. The hole-punch of the selfie camera is comfortably small.

The phone is surrounded by a metal frame which adds to the visual elegance. You can feel some weight while holding the phone which indicates solid build quality and confirms the premium equation.

You will find the power and volume buttons in the accessible position on the right side. The former can be easily felt with your finger as its eloquent texture makes it a good companion for all your bedside phone use during the night.

You’ll also get the same subtle outlook in its earpiece which is so small that it can hardly be noticed. On the right side, you’ll find the power and volume buttons that are comfortably positioned for quick access. Due to its texture the former can be felt easily with your fingers which makes it a bit more user friendly.

The model is also f of an intelligently positioned shoulder button that cushions the fingers when held horizontally. Google’s Assistant can be called up with a smart button on the left. There is a 3.5mm jack on the top and a loudspeaker and USB Type-C port at the bottom.

The phone is available in 3 different colors: Quantum Silver, Volcano Orange and Tornado Black. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 provides excellent protection to the phone.


At its rear, you will find a quad-camera module, which is not much different from its counterparts in position and design.

The quad-camera module at the rear of the model houses a 48MP primary camera and a 13MP secondary camera offering interesting zoom capabilities (2X optical zoom and 20X digital zoom). It has a 2MP depth sensor and 13MP wide-angle camera. The camera app works well.

The phone has intelligently employed AI to automate some key photography tasks. You will enjoy the output when shot in broad daylight.

The Zoom feature does distort visually with quality, though especially spoils the edges and somewhat color tones.

The phone delivers good close-up shots and does full justice to both the subject and the background giving it an elegant and balanced appeal. Simply switch to the wide-angle camera to make some great macro shots with fine details.

The phone is excellent at edge detection which gives a more refined look to portrait shots as well. It allows you to set the blur level before snapping, but it lacks fine detail.

Even with Night Mode on, the output doesn’t go beyond average quality in low light. The lack of fine detail lets you down and fails to meet our creative expectations.

Thanks to automatically enabled HDR and applied beatification, which is a default feature, selfies deliver perfect output even in bright conditions.

The video quality isn’t really that good, but manages to deliver a manageable output. Daylight conditions affect the quality and super stable mode does not provide reliable stability to the output.

UI and UX

The phone comes loaded with a proprietary iQoo UI 1.0 that runs on top of Android 10. The toggle controls give it a particularly user-friendly appeal.

The phone’s proprietary UI focuses on quick access and single-handed use. Hence, each icon is placed in the home screen, while users can view all the major options by swiping down on the phone’s settings screen. You’ll also love the expanded customizations like choosing from a wide assortment of animations for the lock screen, security options like face recognition and fingerprint.

The model allows you to choose between traditional three-button navigation or swift swipe-based gestures to add more to the Favorites feature. For further assistance, you can count on Jovi as a trusted assistant. For instant launching, all you have to do is swipe back and then hold for a few moments.

For the avid players, the phone brings an Ultra Game Mode that jazzes up the gaming experience by activating all the gaming features. CPU performance can be increased by switching monster mode. This is communicated visually through new themes that are automatically acquired when Monster Mode is turned on.

Bloatware has become an accepted norm in the smartphone industry and this phone is no exception. Some apps can be disabled but you can’t do anything about V-Appstore, the company’s proprietary app store.

Security lock features like face unlock and fingerprint scanner respond quickly and you can work on multiple apps at the same time without compromising performance, output or speed—thanks to its high-endurance power equation.


The 4,400 mAh battery gives it a comfortable battery life while the 55W Super Flash Charge charger assures quick charging even when the phone is completely drained.

A sufficiently charged phone offers around 20 hours of battery life even during heavy usage like continuous video streaming. With modest use, you can extend the life up to 36 hours (approximately). A completely drained phone can be charged in about 1 hour (approx).

You will also find a small connector for the charger which is interestingly shaped like a tablet which makes it practically easy to charge the phone even during an ongoing gaming session.

Hardware, OS and Connectivity

iQoo 3 comes with sophisticated hardware and interesting under the hood features like Snapdragon 865 SoC. Some aspects of the camera are awesome while others are disappointing. It also performs excellently during multitasking and heavy usage or gaming.

The phone supports 5G connectivity which assures a better experience in future when 5G will be available in the country. Interesting design, premium appeal, friendly user experience, and single-handed accessibility options are other key factors that give the phone a unique identity in the mobile market.

The top model of iQoo offers the latest 5G connectivity which can be enjoyed soon once it becomes available in the country.


The phone has offered 3 different variants for the Indian mobile market with the following combination- 8GB RAM / 128GB storage, 8GB RAM / 256GB storage and 12GB RAM / 256GB storage, priced at Rs 36,990, 39,990 and 44,990 respectively. Each variant is equipped with LPDDR5 RAM and WiFS 3.1 storage.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC chip gives it fast performance even during continuous heavy usage as well as multitasking. The solid hardware equation further enhances the stamina making it a perfect model for work as well as entertainment.


  • high built quality
  • Great output and accurate AMOLED display
  • long battery life
  • quick charging
  • Consistent performance even during heavy use
  • Nice close up shooter with excellent output quality
  • good overall value for the price


  • Normal refresh rate, could have been higher
  • A speaker with average sound quality
  • Camera delivers average exposure during daylight
  • Picture quality deteriorates in low light conditions
  • not resistant to water


The phone certainly enjoys a distinctive position as a high-efficiency model with a premium design with long-life battery and a fast charger. Its USPs are design, battery and performance. The camera is fine but could have been better. It is a perfect phone for multi-tasking and heavy usage. The reasonable price makes it a pocket-friendly phone even for the middle class consumers.

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