Eve showed us the Matter smart home protocol for the first time

Eve showed us the Matter smart home protocol for the first time

Rita L. Khouri / Android Authority

After several years of delay, the Matter Unifying smart home protocol is finally ready for release in the fall of 2022. And things are looking good for it: Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung and many other brands are on board, some have announced concrete plans to update existing devices to support it, and several smart home makers have announced the protocol. It appears ready to deploy its fleet of Matter-compatible devices when K goes live.

he is there on the eve, sits the renowned Apple Homekit-only smart home device maker. The company was at IFA and was highlighting its readiness to adopt Matter as soon as it rolled out. And that means that yes, Eve’s broad arsenal of connected products will be compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings.

The Eve’s first HomeKit-only plug could be controlled by Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings.

The demo was relatively simple: Eve built four stations with the same energy smart plug Connected to a lightbulb. One station had a HomePod Mini, the other a Nest Hub, followed by an Echo speaker and a phone running Samsung SmartThings. All four devices were capable of controlling the plug and turning the light on and off.

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Eve Energy and Lightbulb Google Nest Hub

Rita L. Khouri / Android Authority

Now you can say that this is not impressive because there are hundreds of smart home accessories that can already work with Google, Amazon, Apple and Samsung. The difference here is that Eve’s developers didn’t have to manually add all of these integrations to make sure their products worked across all platforms. They just added support for Miter and now their previous HomeKit-only Energy plug is compatible with much more than just the Apple HomeKit.

Theoretically, the plug can be connected and controlled to any other Miter-compatible hub, so there’s a good chance it will also be compatible with Ikea Tradefree, Lutron Cassetta, Philips Hue, and these hubs will get Miter support. Even more after .

Eve’s developers didn’t have to implement it manually. They just added mater support.

Eve was already well prepared to support Miter because its products are built on thread – one of the main pillars of Miter. That’s why it’s one of the first companies ready to roll it out of the gate: 14 of its different products will receive an over-the-air update to support Matter once the protocol becomes official. Expect plugs, switches, sensors, thermostat heads, and more to be upgraded. The only outliers are the company’s cameras, but that’s because the Matter protocol doesn’t yet support security cameras.

In addition to all this, Eve says it will release an Android app before the end of the year to help it attract more of the Google/Android crowd.

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eve lightbulb

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Unfortunately, the demo we saw at IFA didn’t showcase the Android app or all the other benefits of Matter’s implementation. We didn’t see how to simplify the protocol for adding a new smart home gadget to your existing setup. There was no demo of the mesh architecture of the thread network, nor its ability to reach further objects by bouncing through passes, and its flexibility and adaptability if a node is removed from the system. So there is still a lot to be discovered about Matter. We will keep an eye on it whenever it launches.

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