Feature-packed smartwatch under Rs. 5000

Feature-packed smartwatch under Rs.  5000

Realme launched the Realme Watch 3 Pro, the company’s latest budget smartwatch, and the successor to last year’s Watch 2 Pro, in India this week. It has a large 1.78-inch AMOLED screen, has a built-in microphone and speaker for voice calling capabilities, has 110+ sports modes, GPS support, and up to 10 days of battery life. I have been using the latest smartwatch from Realme for almost a week now, and here is the review.

box contents

  • realme watch 3 pro in gray color
  • charging dock
  • user manual
design and manufacture

The Realme Watch 3 Pro has a square design which is similar to most other watches. Its dimensions are 253.8×36.8×11.7mm and it weighs 40.7 grams with the strap. The smartwatch has IP68 water resistance. Accelerometer, 24h heart rate monitor and SpO2 sensor. It uses Bluetooth 5.3 to connect to Android and iOS devices.

Talking about the strap, it has a lightweight 22mm interchangeable strap which is made of skin-friendly material, and the quality of the strap is good.

There’s a single function button on the right side with a metal finish that lets you wake the watch, go back, open the menu, and pause the workout. Above this you can also see the microphone. On the other side is the speaker grille. The watch has a glossy metal frame. The build quality is good, but it is prone to fingerprints.

On the back, you can see the heart rate and SpO2 sensors that have bright green and red LED lights when you’re using it to measure heart rate and blood oxygen.

Performance and Features

Coming to the display, the Realme Watch 3 Pro sports a large 1.78-inch ((368 x 448 pixels) 325 ppi AMOLED r touch screen with 2.5D scratch-resistant glass. When you raise your hand, you can turn it on. , and the screen turns off in a few seconds to save power.You can also use the always on display, but it will drain the battery.

Outdoor visibility is good as it has 500 nits brightness. You can adjust the brightness by swiping left or by going to Settings→Adjust Brightness. You can adjust it from the 20% level to 100%, and extend the screen time to 15 seconds, but there’s no auto brightness adjustment because it lacks an ambient light sensor. Indoors, level 2 is good, and level 5 is essential for the bright outdoors.

When you swipe up from the top, you can see the quick settings. It has DND, brightness adjustment, power saver, flashlight option that illuminates the screen, toggle and wake up settings.

It has 68.7% screen-to-body ratio, which is better than the previous generation. Overall, the Watch 3 Pro has a great screen as compared to the Watch 2 Pro.

Activity, phone, workout, heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, stress monitoring, sleep details, activity record, breath, alarm, weather, events, menstrual cycle tracking, stop watch, by pressing the function button Instruments with timers, music controls, appear. When you connect the watch to the phone it lets you play, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume when playing any music or video or any kind of content like music. There’s also a camera control option, but you’ll need to enable it from the app first. You can also see the option of Find My Phone.

Swiping right shows activity data, sleep, heart rate data, and tracking, weather, and music controls. There’s also a handy notification shade when you swipe up from the bottom on the home screen. You can read and dismiss them, but not reply.

bluetooth calling

The highlight of the smartwatch is the built-in calling feature, as it has a microphone and a speaker. It shows call logs, and there’s a dial pad in addition to the Contacts option, which you can add to the app.

The calling experience indoors is good, and the microphone is capable of picking up sounds well, and the speaker output is quite loud. There is AI ENC for calls, which reduces noise in most conditions. However, it is not the best outdoors, especially in noisy traffic.


uses realme link companion app on realme 3 watch pro Android And iPhone, It shows all the important details on the Health tab. Within the Watch 3 Pro settings, you can select call reminders, notifications from favorite apps, 24-hour HR monitoring such as health reminders, stand-up reminders, water reminders, and goal-reaching reminders.

Face gallery shows different types of watch faces. There are a lot of watch faces to choose from, but only a few options show a lot of data such as steps, heart rate, calories burned, weather, and other details.

It does have an option to sync your data to Google Fit, but it also requires enabling direct Me → Settings → Sync data from an app inside a third-party service, and select the Watch 3 Pro. Even though there are 110+ workout modes, you can only choose 15 workout modes to show on the watch.

fitness and sleep tracking

Reality Watch 3 Pro has 110+ workout modes with main workouts are Outdoor Walking, Indoor Walking, Outdoor Running, Indoor Running, Dynamic Cycling, Hiking, Cricket, Yoga, Rowing, Strength Training, Basketball, Elliptical Machine, Free Training etc. It uses the Cywee professional sports algorithm that can intelligently recognize walking, running, cycling, elliptical and rowing machines, but will drain the battery quickly.

For outdoor activities, you get all the details like distance, calories burned, average heart rate, average pace, average pace, cadence and duration. You can also check VO2 max, recovery duration, and heart rate zones for outdoor activities like running.

It has built-in GPS support, so you don’t need to carry the phone with you for outdoor activities. Since it uses a 5 GNSS system, the GPS lock is quick, and it didn’t cut off during my walks. You can press the side button to pause a workout in between.

Compared to mobile tracking apps like Strava or other GPS watches like Oppo Watch, it is almost accurate in GPS tracking. You can share workout data as an image, and there’s also Google Fit integration. It does not have support for Strava and RunKeeper.

Sleep tracking shows light and deep sleep, wake time as well as REM sleep. Tracking is good and accurate. It also refers to the quality of breathing.

Heart rate, SpO2 and stress monitoring

The smartwatch uses LED light and photo-diodes to briefly illuminate the blood vessel and monitor heart rate through a change of absorbed green light, and this to monitor SpO2 or blood oxygen. Uses red light. You can’t say that it is 100% accurate. Heart rate recording – both at rest and active, and SpO2 readings are decent compared to the oximeter. It also shows stress data, but you need to enable it manually.

battery life

The watch packs a 345mAh battery, and the company promises up to 10 days of battery life with normal use with GPS and Bluetooth calling. The company says that it can last up to 13 days without calling. During my use for a week, I have 24 hours of heart rate tracking with 33% charge remaining, 30 minutes of GPS usage for 4 days, and 2 to 3 calls over Bluetooth. The company promises 20+ hours of continuous GPS usage on a single charge.

Battery life may vary depending on frequent use of the display with increased brightness, use of the heart rate monitor during workouts, calling and all notifications turned on.

It has a magnetic charging dock that you can plug it into the USB port of a PC or laptop or use the power bank in low-power mode. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the watch from 0%. Charging time doesn’t matter as it lasts for more than a week.


The Realme Watch 3 Pro is an excellent upgrade over last year’s Watch 2 Pro as it combines an AMOLED display and voice calling capabilities for the same price of Rs. 4999. Even the battery life is good and the GPS is useful for outdoor activities.

If you are looking for a smartwatch with AMOLED screen, GPS and voice calling capabilities, then this is a good option as you hardly find a watch with all these features in the price range.

Realme Watch 3 Pro is priced at Rs. 4999, but it will be available at a starting price of Rs. 4499, when it will be available for sale for the first time from September 9 realme.comFlipkart and offline stores.


  • 1.78″ AMOLED display is crisp
  • GPS support for accurate outdoor activity tracking
  • Sleep tracking is accurate
  • bluetooth calling
  • good battery life


  • no ambient light sensor
  • Shiny body attracts fingerprints

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