Google agrees to work on Android 12L only if Samsung makes a foldable one every year

Google agrees to work on Android 12L only if Samsung makes a foldable one every year

Although IFA 2022 has come to a close, it looks like there is still news coming out of the event. The latest news comes from a roundtable discussion Samsung had with international media about its partnership with Google on Android 12L and Samsung had to agree to a major demand.

According to frendroidSamsung’s VP Yujin Hong spoke to the media about the first conversation Google had with Google about building a suitable OS for its first foldable device.

At the start of the interview, Hong recalls how the initial discussions were full of excitement:

Every time we have a new form factor, we have to work with Google. First, exchanges are above all about excitement. I remember when we had our first conversations with Google’s product team and Samsung’s product team with managers, software developers, etc. Everyone at the table started talking very excitedly about the project. And as a developer, it was a great feeling, it was full of passion, ‘Wow this is awesome.’ It was exciting, because we felt like we were working on a real innovation at the time.

Later in the interview, Hong gets what he wanted from Samsung in exchange for working on a foldable focused OS. According to Hong, Google saw working on Android 12L as a big commitment on its part, from providing application programming interfaces (APIs) to maintenance. As a result, Google wanted Samsung to show the same level of commitment before starting work on the interface.

This commitment will come in the form of an agreement from Samsung. If Google were to develop Android 12L, Samsung would have to make a new foldable every year. Hong explained:

Will we continue to produce this phone every year? He had a question. Answering them was obviously very complicated, we are talking about technology. We had no idea what was going to happen the year we shipped the device, something crazy could happen, anything was possible. But we are fully committed, we have decided to say that we will go through and overcome these difficulties. So we said we were going to do it. We made a promise in this meeting. It was a good feeling, you know, to say, ‘Yeah, we’ll do it!’

Why Google would make this request to Samsung, Hong did not elaborate. However, we know that Google has been working on its own foldable for some time. It would be plausible that Google wanted Samsung to lead the foldable movement to hopefully smooth the road for the release of its device.

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