Google Assistant introduces search results with content updates

Google Assistant introduces search results with content updates

According to a blog post from the company, Google notes that starting next week for English users around the world, we’re rolling out a number of improvements to Search, to help people find useful content that’s created for and for people. be easy.

These ranking actions complement last year’s ranking of high quality product review materials, which will also receive an upgrade. Together, these initiatives are part of a larger, ongoing initiative to weed out low-quality content and make it easier in search to locate content that seems genuine and helpful. Recently, Google has improved the search snippet with MUM

Better ranking of original, quality content

Additionally, Google promises to keep Search updated to make sure it’s helping you find high quality content. A “Helpful Content Update” will be released next week to tackle content that seems to have been created only for search engine optimization and is not intended to help or inform users.

“In our testing, we have found that this ranking improvement will specifically increase results associated with online education, as well as content related to arts and entertainment, retail and tech,” Google said. It said this would help ensure that non-original, low-quality content doesn’t rank prominently in search.

For example, you may come across articles that collected movie reviews without adding new opinions. If you want something new, it’s not useful. This update shows more original, real results, so you’re more likely to read something new.

More Useful Product Reviews Written by Experts

Making a purchase decision can be significantly influenced by product reviews. The company rolled out a series of improvements last year to feature more beneficial, in-depth reviews based on direct experience in search results. According to Google, the move is part of a larger, ongoing effort to weed out low-quality content and ease access to content that seems genuine and relevant.


In the coming weeks, updates will continue to improve these systems. Google also plans to release another update that will make it even easier to find high-quality, trusted recommendations.

according to blog post By Danny Sullivan, Public Contact for Search, Google

We work hard to ensure that the pages we show on Search are as useful and relevant as possible. To do this, we continually refine our systems: Last year, we launched thousands of updates to Search based on hundreds of thousands of quality tests, including evaluations where we collect feedback from human reviewers.

We hope these updates help you access more useful information and valuable perspectives on search. We look forward to taking this work forward in the coming months to make it even easier to find original content by and for real people.

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