Hands-on experience with OriginOS 3

Hands-on experience with OriginOS 3

In practical applications, when we use an application for a conference call, we can minimize the conference screen as a split screen or a small window, and then open other applications for recording, notes, and meeting records. Thereby eliminating the time spent switching back and forth between multiple devices and greatly improving efficiency.

intelligent sidebar

OriginOS 3 has scene recognition function on the intelligent sidebar. It is mainly divided into: “screen reading” and “music recognition”.

When we read information and news content, we can turn on the screen reading function from the sidebar, and Vivo X90 will automatically read the text content on the screen. Playlists can be stored locally for up to three days and up to 50 pieces of content.

“Music Detection” makes it easy to find music playing near you. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, in your car or anywhere else. Just hit the sidebar, and this function will tell you exactly what song is playing.

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