how to find lost phone

how to find lost phone

Today, it’s easy enough to find lost phone Thanks to modern technology. on multiple devices features either Adjustment It is built in which helps the users to locate their missing phone. but sometimes they may be needed additional setup or are not widely known. This guide explains how to find a lost one iPhone either android deviceas well as how to use find my iphone, a location tool created Apple Device.

find lost iphone

to trace the missing iPhoneUse find my iphone Facility to ping your device’s location using GPS, To use this feature, you must create a icloud accountthat lets you activate find my iphone Convenience in the Settings menu.

set up find my iphone

find my iphone Usually activated during the initial set-up process. take a look at our setup Guide For iphone To discover additional and useful features you might not have known about.

To activate Find My iPhone:

  1. go for Adjustment and tap your name.
  2. tap ‘find mine’,
    One. To let friends and family know where you are, turn on ‘Share my location’ In ‘find mine’ section. This is an optional setting.


  1. tap ‘find my phone and press toggle switch
    One. To view your phone, even if it’s offline, tap ‘Find my network’ change. this is an optional setting
  2. turn on ‘Send last location’ so that your phone can send location signals when the battery is low
  3. depending on the version of your device iOSA sign may appear saying that ‘find my phone’ requires the use of GPS Tracking, Tap ‘Allow’
    6.go to Settings > Privacy and check if you have ‘Location Services Enabled’, It is needed to locate your phone on the map

Using Find My iPhone

Once find my iphone Feature has been enabled, use iCloud to locate your device. you will need to set up a iCloud Account if you don’t already have one:


  1. open one Web browser and login
  2. to select ‘Find iPhone’
  3. Any device with which it is now set up ‘find mine’ will appear as a point on the map; green is one online device, gray offline,
  4. to select ‘all devices’ and select missing device
  5. Select a tracking option:
    One. ‘play sound’ – The missing device will make a sound
    b. ‘lost Mode’ – Locks and tracks your iPhone
    C. ‘erase iphone’ – Used to delete your personal information from the lost device.

find lost android phone

If your lost phone is a Android Device, find my device The device is activated automatically if you have previously added a google account, If you are not sure find my device Once turned on, it can be quickly enabled with a few steps:


find my device

  1. open settings menu
  2. Tap Security> find my device, If you can’t see the Security option, tap Security & location or google / security
  3. tap ‘Find my device’ to start


  1. Open Adjustment
  2. tap place
  3. enable place To make sure your phone can be located in ‘Find my device’

google play visibility

  1. Open
  2. Under the Visibility section, make your selection Device

You can check if all the above steps worked by searching your device:

  1. Open
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. select the Device of the options

Locating Your Android Device

Your lost Android phone can be found remotely or via ‘Find my device’ App on a different phone or tablet:


remote search

  1. go for and sign in
    One. a lost phone will be found again notification
  2. Your phone details will appear on Mapincluding its present place
    One. place will be approximate and may not be accurate
    b. If your phone can’t be LocatedThe last known location can be provided instead
  3. choose which search function would you like to use
    One. play sound – Rings the phone at full volume for 5 minutes (phone will also play at full volume on silent)
    b. safe equipment – Locks your device to prevent unauthorized access
    C. delete device – Permanently delete all data on your lost device
  1. from a different device with ‘Find my device’ Install the app, open the app and sign in
  2. follow the same steps as ‘remote search’


If you are unable to locate your missing phoneThere are security measures you can put in place to make sure sensitive information is not accessed by others.

Feather Android 5.0 Device, factory reset protection The device requires users to enter a factory reset of google account Username and password to use it again. This helps in locking out unauthorized users and prevents them from reusing the device.

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