how to reset ps5 controller

how to reset ps5 controller

You don’t need to reset your DualSense controller to fix some problems, like pairing it with your PS5 console or another device via Bluetooth. Still, it can be a reliable last resort. We recommend that you always start with a soft reset before trying a hard reset of your controller as it may lose any software updates it received. Here’s how to reset the PS5 controller.

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To soft reset a PS5 controller, press the PS button on the DualSense controller to open Control Center and select Belongings to turn off the controller.

To hard reset the PS5 controller, use a thin object such as a pen or paperclip to press the small reset button on the back of the PS5 controller for five seconds.

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soft reset

If you’re experiencing minor issues with the wireless connection, like input lag pressing buttons or loss of pairing, try a soft reset of your PS5 controller. A soft reset is basically turning DualSense on and off again to reconnect your PS5 console.

Press the PS button on the center of your controller to bring up Control Center on the PS5 dashboard. Select Accessories, and then choose the controller you want to turn off. After you select Turn Off, your controller’s lights will go out.

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Make sure your controller is fully charged to reconnect wirelessly. If the issue persists even after restarting the controller, you can try to perform a hard reset by following the steps in the next section.

hard reset

A hard reset, otherwise known as a factory reset, will return your DualSense to when you first unboxed the controller. All settings on the controller will go to the default mode, and installed updates will be cleared. If you are experiencing frequent wireless connectivity issues, use this method as a last resort.

First, make sure the controller is unplugged and completely turned off. Then, look for a small hole on the back of the PS5 controller next to the Sony logo.

Backside Location of PS5 Controller Reset Button

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To press the button in, you’ll need to insert a thin, sharp object, such as the tip of a pen or a straight paper clip, into the hole. Hold it down for five seconds, and you should see the lights on and off on the controller flash.

Connect the controller to the PS5 using the included USB-C cable and press ps button To sync the controller again. If you have followed the instructions above but still find that your controller is not connecting correctly, you can go to playstation repair Diagnostic tools for further assistance.

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If your DualSense controller is not pairing properly with the console or cannot recognize another device using Bluetooth wireless connectivity, resetting the controller may solve the problem.

If you hard reset the DualSense, the controller will revert to the default settings when you first take it out of the box.

Yes, you can use a thin object like a paperclip to push the small black button on the back of the DualSense controller for five seconds to perform a factory reset.

To reset the DualSense controller to its factory settings, use a thin object such as a pen or paperclip to press the small reset button on the back of the controller for five seconds.

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