How to Screenshot on iPhone 13

How to Screenshot on iPhone 13

take a screenshot of yourself iPhone Screen is quick, easy and useful if you need to save something information For later, or if you want to share something (like a meme or photo) with friends. Here, we’ll cover how screenshot Feather iphone 13 and other models 13 range,

How to Take Screenshot Using On/Off and Volume Buttons on iPhone 13

The easiest way to take a screenshot iphone 13 Using buttons on both sides.

1: Press side button And ‘Volume Up’ button at the same time and release them immediately, If you hold down the button for very longA slider will appear asking if you want close Yours iPhone,

  1. look out for one camera shutter sound for confirmation screenshot taken (if your phone is not on silent mode). you will also see thumbnail appear in the lower left corner.

  2. tap thumbnail for your viewing screenshot or swipe left remove it from your screen. If you do nothing, this will happen disappear after a couple seconds,

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 13 Without Using Buttons

This technique is useful if you want to take one screenshot with A hand And you can’t access both buttons at once.


iphone 13 The model has an attribute called ‘back tap’that allows you to perform certain tasks tapping on the back of phone.

To enable this feature, go to Adjustment , easy use , Touch , back tapAnd press screenshot, You will then be able to tap on the back of your iPhone To take a screenshot two or three times, depending on the option you choose.

How to Take Screenshots with Siri

Sir, I can also take screenshot for you. If you have ‘listen’ “Hey Siri” good at Adjustment you may say, “Hey Siri, take a screenshot”, and it will capture an image of your display. Alternatively, you may have ‘Press the side button for Siri’ enabled, in which case you only need to long press the side button before giving you Sir, I Yours screenshot voice command. You can toggle these settings on or off Adjustment , Siri and Search,


a third way Sir, I is help with ‘Type to Siri’ function instead of using voice commands. press and grasp side button To bring up this option once permission is given Adjustment , easy use , Sir, I, type ‘screenshot’then press ‘Complete’,

Edit and share screenshots

If you choose to tap thumbnail immediately after you snap a screenshotyou will be taken edit modewhere you can Cutting, rotate And Explanation, when you are happy with yourself finished screenshotOr if you don’t want to edit it, just press ‘Complete’Then ‘Save to Photos’,


If you’re going back to see your screenshot Later, they can be found as png files In photos , album , media type , screenshot,

you can also delete screenshot From edit modeor from within screenshot folder, by tapping bin Mark.

by pressing share icon, you can share your finished screenshot through the selected service.

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