how to set up a new iphone

how to set up a new iphone

to open new iphone can be a very exciting moment, as you get ready to dive into Update Features And Technique, even if it’s your first iPhone or upgrade to the latest model, correct setup Can make the transition simple and easy.

Learn how to set up new iPhone and transfer your old data If necessary, with simple instructions and advice.

transfer from old iphone

If you need to transfer your data from previous iPhone model, you can use early start Use your old phone to start the feature and installation.

  1. Switch to your new device and keep it Near old phone.
  2. On your old device, the display will ask if you want to use your current Apple ID, enter the identity and tap ‘continue’, If you don’t see this option, turn on Bluetooth,
  3. Wait for the animation on your new device. Once visible, grab your old device above new phone.
  4. Once completed, a message will pop up ‘finish Feather new device,
  5. a sign will ask for you old phone passcode, Enter it and follow the instructions to set up Face ID either Touch ID on the new device.
  6. ‘Transfer data from device’ will appear. To do so tap on ‘Continue’.
  7. keep your equipment charged up and close together when the data transfer is in effect. Transfer times may be affected network status and amount of data being transferred,

Transfer from Android to iOS

if you . going from Android To iOSThere are steps you can take to make this process easier.

  1. download ‘Go to iOS’ App In google play store on your Android Device.
  2. go to your Adjustment on your new iPhone find more ‘Apps & Data’, tap ‘Move data from Android’,
  3. on your AndroidOpen ‘Move to’ iOS‘ Application. Tap ‘Continue’, read Terms and ConditionsAnd tap ‘Agree’.
  4. back to you iOS device‘Move from.’ Tap ‘Continue’ after viewing Android’ screen. A one-time code will appear. enter this code on your Android Device.
  5. Your iOS The device will now become a temporary Wi-Fi Network. When prompted, tap Connect to connect with you Android Device.
  6. Feather Android device, choose which content you want to transfer, then tap ‘continue’, Keep your devices adjacent to each other until the loading bar is full on you iOS Device. Time The transfer will depend on how much you want to transfer.
  7. Once the loading bar is complete, tap ‘Complete’ on your Android Device. then tap ‘continue’ Feather iOS device and follow the steps to finish setup.

New iPhone set-up for the first time

phone sharing-1

Press and hold the new device’s power button until you see apple logo, a ‘Greetings’ The message will appear on the screen. Follow the steps on the display
When prompted, choose your Language: HindiThen tap on your country or region and
join your Wi-Fi or mobile data network. you may need to put your iphone sim card if needed

on some models of iPhoneyou can use Face ID either Touch ID To unlock your device. tap ‘continue’ And follow the instructions to set up your chosen unlock method.
Once done, set a six digit passcode, It is necessary to use such features Face ID And hefty pay,


enter your Apple ID And Password, If you don’t have these details yet, tap ‘forgot password’ either ‘You don’t have an Apple ID’,

On the next screen, tap ‘continue’ and follow the instructions to set up automatic updates For security and apps.

The next section will take you through the setting Sir, I, Follow the instructions on the screen.

Next, decide if you want to set screen time limits How long to monitor on your device you either your children device can be used for.

Finally, tap ‘get started’ to start using your new iPhone,

Additional set-up features

once your shiny new iPhone up and running, there are some additional features You… Yourself . can be enabled to increase iPhone toolset

find my phone

find my iphone is a feature of iCloud which enables you to trace the lost Apple device use GPS, Using a web browser on another device and logging in to your iCloud account, you can use find my iphone To locate your lost device.

find my iphone Usually activated during the initial set-up process. If this was not done, then follow the steps below:

go for ‘Adjustment’ and tap your name
tap ‘find mine’,

To let friends and family know where you are, turn on ‘Share my location’ In ‘find mine’ section. This is an optional setting.

location services

tap ‘find my iphone’ and press the toggle switch.

To watch your phone offline, tap ‘Find my network’ change. This is an optional setting.

turn on ‘Send last location’ To send a location signal to your phone when the battery is low.

depending on the version of your device iOSA sign may appear explaining that find my iphone requires the use of GPS to keep track. Tap ‘Allow’.

go for Settings > Privacy and check if you have ‘location services’ capable. This is required to locate your phone on the map.

Using Find My iPhone

Open a web browser and log in,

Select ‘Find My iPhone’.

find my iphone

Any device set up with Find My will now appear as a point on the map; Green Point is an online device, grey is offline.

to select ‘all devices’ And choose the missing device.

Select a tracking option:
‘play sound’ – missing device will sound
‘lost Mode’ – your lock iPhone and tracks it

‘erase iphone’ – Used to remove your personal information from lost device

set up medical id

medical id Allows the user to add personal information for first responders during an emergency. may include Allergies, Handicapeither Emergency Contact,


open health appor download it from app Store,

tap profile picture in the upper right corner.

tap ‘Medical ID’,

to select ‘edit’,

turn on ‘Show when locked’ To enable you to show your medical details if your device is turned off in an emergency.

Enter your health information.
tap ‘Complete’,

open health app and tap ‘summary’,
Tap Profile picture in right top corner and select ‘Medical ID’,
tap ‘edit’ and scroll ‘Emergency Contact’,


press , side button ‘Add emergency contact’, Add contact details.

tap ‘Complete’ once completed.

It’s important to set up your new iPhone right to avoid someone headache in the future and make sure it is as useful as possible for your daily life. if your new iPhone It needs a few accessories to keep it safe and secure, check out our range iPhone cases And screen protectors In different sizes, materials and colours.

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