iPhone sales banned in Brazil due to charger shortage

iPhone sales banned in Brazil due to charger shortage

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

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  • The sale of the iPhone has been banned in Brazil.
  • The country is banning the phone due to Apple not including a charger with the purchase.
  • Brazil is also imposing a potential daily fine against Apple 12 million Brazilian Real (~$2.3 million).

When Apple decided to stop including chargers with its iPhones, it was a very controversial move. Even today, nearly two years later, it is still controversial.

If there’s any doubt about it, look no further than Brazil. According to the Brazilian publication G1, Brazil’s Ministerio da Justica (Ministry of Justice) banned the sale of iPhones across the country. The primary reason behind this decision is Apple’s refusal to include chargers.

country will also fine on apple 12 million The Brazilian Real (~$2.3 million) breaks this restriction every day. Machine translations of the article seem to indicate that Apple will not look at these fines, however, until and when it is determined that the company has tried to circumvent the ban. In other words, if Apple stops selling the iPhone or starts including the charger, it won’t face a penalty.

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All this is a very bad time for Apple, considering that we are only a day away from the launch of the iPhone 14. Although there is no confirmation yet, it is sure that they will not come with a charger either.

This is not the first time Brazil has attacked Apple in this way. For the iPhone 12 series – the first to launch without a charger – Brazil fined Apple 10,546,442 Brazilian Real (~$1.9 million) and eventually, Apple included a charger with purchases in at least one Brazilian state.

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