Most of you don’t care about curved displays, to put it mildly.

Most of you don’t care about curved displays, to put it mildly.

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Curved displays have been present on smartphones since the 2014 Galaxy Note Edge, but they have become a fixture on most premium phones today. From Samsung and Xiaomi to Oppo and OnePlus, it’s hard to find a brand that hasn’t participated in the trend.

Our own C Scott Brown lamented the fact that most Android OEMs only offer curved displays on their premium phones. He added a poll to his opinion, asking readers what they thought of curved screens. Here are the results of that poll.

Do you like curved displays?


It was a popular poll, casting over 14,000 votes as of writing. The most popular pick was “No, I hate curves” by a significant margin for 45.68% of the vote. Reader comments point to reasons such as accidental touches on the curved display, durability concerns in case the device falls, and screen protectors becoming more problematic.

In second place was the “I don’t care anyway” camp, with 26.2% of the vote. Rounding out the top three with 20.13% of all votes is “Yeah, I like the curve”. Readers’ comments suggest that gesture navigation and aesthetics are some of the reasons why people prefer phones with curved panels.

Lastly, ~8% of the respondents noted that they had not used a phone with a curved display before. Curved screens are still the domain of premium phones for the most part, so we’re guessing these voters are either stuck with budget devices or just so happen to have only bought flat-screen phones.


  • bonedatto: The curved display on my Note20 Ultra only bothers me when I’m using my S-Pen to take notes, and I forget to disable the edge. Also, I am indifferent when it comes to flat or curved screens. I use the iPhone 13 Pro Max occasionally, and the flat screen has never been something I envy. iOS is the reason why I can never use the iPhone as a daily driver, regardless of the flat screen.
  • Jared Orada: One big disadvantage of curved screens that you missed: Glass screen protectors are much harder to align with curved screens. If it’s just a touch, it doesn’t go flat.
  • m Hector: I prefer a flat display, an SD card slot, and a headphone jack. Totally agree there. That said, I have the S22 Ultra and I love it.
  • Victor_R: For me and many others I know, curved displays feel more premium. They reduce the bezel quite a bit and make the phone feel useless. To me, the curved display makes the phone feel really premium
  • the legacy: I prefer curved screens because they are more comfortable in my hands I tried the S22+ for 2 weeks and couldn’t handle it because it digs in my hand so I swapped for the S22U and I’m so happy I thought That would be huge but it’s not in the slightest for me. Also I use slide up gesture from the bottom. Back on the left floor, Home on the middle floor and App Switcher on the right. I just like it this way after trying them all for a long time
  • halebeck: The other half used the Galaxy S7 Edge for about 6 years, until it stopped working properly, and when the phone had to be used, I had to close accidentally opened apps because of the curved screen Had to go myself recently to do that. I like to hold my phone securely and not hold it over my palm. He now has a flat screen phone and has commented on the fact that there are no accidental apps opened even though the curve won’t.
  • mark binder: I like the flat display, but the sharp corners of the iPhone make the phone uncomfortable to hold. I’d prefer to deal with a comfortable curved display than the sharp edges I dig in my hands.
  • DanielMBG: I disagree on the navigation, I have both a Pixel 6 Pro and a Pixel 3XL, and the case 6 is much smoother and feels a lot better to navigate. On the 3 because the case moves to the screen, it’s more annoying to have to move backwards. But I agree on delicate, as the screen is more visible, it makes it very easy to scratch. I’m a bit torn, honestly I really enjoy the curved screen, but at the same time I find it very easy to scratch.
  • Chris Pollard77:The curved display is really the only thing I still hate about my trusty old Note 10+. Didn’t like it when I bought it, didn’t like it years later. Mainly to the points already discussed here: the S-Pen gets screwed up when you reach the curve and tempered glass screen protectors are either insanely expensive (for what they are) or a complete crap shoot Feel like they will give you decent adhesion or not. First phone I’ve ever had factory film running.
  • JPLCurved displays tend to distort videos a bit at the edges and the screen protector is a pain to put on. They need to go.

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