Samsung’s answer to the Watch 5 Pro’s design flaw is the new charging cradle

Samsung’s answer to the Watch 5 Pro’s design flaw is the new charging cradle

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  • The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a design flaw that prevents it from being compatible with the company’s Wireless PowerShare feature.
  • Samsung has developed a workaround for the design inspection with the new charging cradle.
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Pro owners can sign up for stock alerts.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is Samsung’s latest and greatest flagship smartwatch. We gave the device 4.5 out of 5 stars in our review. However, there’s an obvious design flaw that many owners have noticed – the band doesn’t let you use Samsung’s wireless PowerShare feature. It appears that Samsung has now worked out a workaround for this lapse.

Samsung’s Wireless PowerShare feature allows devices like the Galaxy S22 to wirelessly recharge other devices, but to do so, both devices have to touch the spot where the wireless charging coil is located in both devices. The wireless charging coil in the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is located by the watch’s sensor. Unfortunately, given the way its D-buckle band is designed, the only way for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to take advantage of Wireless PowerShare is to take off your band.

invented by sammobileSamsung has listed an unreleased charging cradle on its Website Which will allow you to use Wireless PowerShare without removing the strap. Based on the listing, it appears that the charging cradle has a top platform for the watch and a bottom platform for the other device.

Outside of the images, the product page doesn’t have much information. From the page we can only see that the crib will come in a light gray color. There doesn’t seem to be a price for the crib or release date. However, you can sign up to be notified when a product is available.

We hope Samsung will at least offer some sort of discount to existing Galaxy Watch 5 Pro owners who want to sail because this may not be the company’s intention, it may seem that Samsung is trying to capitalize on its mistake. Is.

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