Site for Buying Customized Mobile Covers (2022)

Site for Buying Customized Mobile Covers (2022) It is a response to the developing interests of your cell phones and tablets which, at present, are close to the need of many iPhones, iPads, Samsung and other comparable item proprietors around the world.

Japvi - Official Logo Occupied and worked in New Delhi, India. We handle the sourcing, deals and administration of our items. This is the way we can guarantee 100% quality from step one as far as possible. The equipment we stock is built to last. Zapvi realized that you have to secure your important mobile phone or other state-of-the-art hardware. We also feel that the fun of embellishments in such a large amount is communicating your character.

We have all the latest styles, colors, designs in light of the fact that, really, who has the same need for a telephone as every other person? Make it yours, that’s our recommendation.

Best Alternatives to Japvik


Tranex - Zpvi Alternatives

Trenx India can be one of the best sites for mobile cases in the country. This is especially true for the Apple and One Plus models. However, other brands like Vivo and Mi are also present on the site.

There is a range of products offered by the site. For example, there are many transparent, see-through covers made from high-quality materials that can protect your phone. If you are looking for an upgrade on this, there are also some covers that have glitters and other decorations to make your phone even more special.

The site includes a chrome case and a silicone case. Thus, there is a wide range of options to choose from. You’ll also find covers that come in matte or block colors, further enhancing the site’s prospects. All covers are durable, easy to use and clean. In this case, there will not be much expenditure on maintenance. Overall, these are some of the best grabs on the market.


japvi products

japwick Telephone items are trendy, innovative, and customizable. The principle 2 result of JAPVI is 11D safety glasses,

tempered glass

1D tempered glass is probably the best answer to ensure the glass of your smart phone. It is a bent glass that works wonderfully against scratches and stuns. Compared to its more experienced models like 3D, 5D, 9D etc. it is much smoother, and also easier to empty.

In the event that you need a screen watch for your phone, 11D Screen Defender is your choice. They have different model tempered glass.

mobile phone cover

cover from zepwick

Japvi sells mobile phone covers for all brands of Apple, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo and this is only the tip of the iceberg. And just like that, they got it. Amidst a vast stock of versatile spreads, you discover a vast amount of formations to cover and browse depending on the model.

Receive a telephone back spread with a photo of your decision. Rejuvenate your mobile phone case and paste some essential pictures of yourself and your friends and family on it. You have to choose the back board according to the model of your mobile phone. The imprint on the spread is edge to edge which gives it a smooth look. These cases are also solvable. Retrieved cases are conveyed within a time span of 6 to 7 days. Conveyance is free for orders above Rs. 500.

So you need to buy 5 cases plus a few more to meet all the requirements with no expectation of complimentary transportation at any rate. If not, there is a relevant delivery fee that you should check at checkout. So bring your loved ones along and save money on delivery charges. Each redid case Rs. 99.

Transport, Installment and Easy Returns

You get transportation within the next 3 to 6 days for every other spread (except modified), and safety glasses. Transportation is free for orders exceeding Rs. 445. Some more, the transport charges will be Rs. 60 is charged. Anyway, you can save money on your last bill with GrabOn Coupons and Order Structure.

Simply select the series that concerns you and you will be redirected to the item page to check your item and complete your exchange. This is an incredible way to go when you shop on the web. If you find that the spread doesn’t look as you thought it would, and you like the other spread, you can return it and buy the upgraded one.

Whenever you return an item, you get the amount for it as it will be transferred to your Japvi account. Arrival should be possible within 15 days from the date of arrival. You should send the bundle (which is in acceptable condition) to JAPVI through courier.

Payment mode and easy to use

Payment and refund facility

You can pay for items with JAPVI through net banking, credit or charge card. Money down is also available for selected items. Check with your PIN code to see if you can settle on COD in your general area.

request tracking

Track My Order - Zapwick

After your request is confirmed, wait for an email or instant message from ZAPVI. You will receive the following code with the connection to comply with your request. Equivalent should be possible from your record segment on

The specially printed versatile spreads of Zapvi have undoubtedly made people fall in love with the brand. Thus, Amazon and Flipkart additionally offer an astonishing range of portable spreads at an exceptional price. From Apple to Samsung, from Oppo to Vivo, from Mi to OnePlus, both internet business monsters provide versatile spreads and portable companions to help you grow your valuable cell phone.

japwick Giving very good quality of product and impressive service at affordable price and taking care of customer satisfaction. Zapvi is the best place to shop online in India. JAPVI is a strong brand in the customized Ashirwad segment. Check out the widest range of versatile spreads, shirts, photo mugs, key chains, 3D-gems, photograph timekeepers, picture casings and many more different blessings.

Japvi has been placing orders since it opened in 2018. We will provide both an unmatched customer experience and huge incentives for our customers. is uniquely styled for the contemporary Indian with in-house capabilities in configuration, manufacturing, innovation, informatics and promotion.

our group

We’ve built a working and comprehensive online store that drives our progress to a great extent – we’re constantly looking for better ways to connect with customers and deliver the joy of Along these lines, stop wandering and start investigating. The experience of progress takes longer to achieve its goals.

interesting design

We started with a planning centric organization that puts inventive and stylish designs from across the globe under the control of truly Indian buyers.

our products

We use trend setting innovations to create items that are as strong as they are great. We remain behind our items with customer care and impeccable support already in India. Japvi is an online platform offering versatile back spreads specially printed. This allows the client to transfer the image, which will be engraved on the telephone case. Items offered for brands like Apple, Samsung, Oneplus and the sky is limited from there.

Least Expensive Cell Phone Spread I Have Seen on Shop For Stunning Mobile Covers Hi Guys New Dispatch Site 2018 New Sleek Versatile Case Site Shop For Stunning Mobile Covers @Rs 99 Way Planner Detail Of Cases Offering assortment and the quality is absolutely exceptional. They are additionally offering the best notable offers like:

  • Buy 5 & get 1 free mobile case @ ₹495 – Use Code: ONEFREE
  • Buy 7 & get 2 FREE mobile cases @ ₹693 – Use code: TWOFREE
  • Buy 10 and get 3 free mobile cases @ Rs.990 – Use code: 3 FREE
  • Shop for ₹349 or more to get free shipping: no code required

Zapvi is great site to find and buy mobile cases online at cheap rates.

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