The Google Pixel 6a deal costs it only $200. drops to

The Google Pixel 6a deal costs it only $200.  drops to

The starting price of Google Pixel 6a is $449. We’ve written before about how we think it’s too much for a phone to really succeed. Thankfully, there has been more than one Google Pixel 6a deal recently, which has made the phone more affordable. Wouldn’t you know it, today we have another.

Right now, best Buy Selling the Pixel 6a for as little as $200. To get it at that price, you have to meet certain criteria. If you meet the low criteria, you can easily get it for just $300. And, if you meet the criteria for even less, you can get it for $400.

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The main criteria pertain to activating the phone on your carrier of choice. For example, if you create a new line or account at T-Mobile or AT&T, this Google Pixel 6a deal gets you a phone for just $200. However, if you upgrade to a current line on those two carriers, you get the $300 price tag instead. Don’t want to activate and just keep the phone unconnected forever? Then you earn $400 worth.

Pricing is the same for Verizon and Google Fi. Be sure to read the fine print before making your decision. However, you were probably planning on throwing this phone at a carrier, so do it via Best Buy and get this phone at a huge discount!

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