Vivo V27 or Vivo V27e? How do the latest two Vivo smartphones compare?

vivo v27 series screen

Big Screen, Better Multimedia Experience

Watching multiple movies or series on Netflix, well the Vivo V27 Series has got you covered! Vivo V27 5G It features a 6.78-inch FHD+ AMOLED curved screen with a centered single punch design that supports 120Hz refresh rate and 1080P resolution, while vivo V27e It sports a 6.62-inch FHD+ display and both the smartphones have high frontal value and silky smooth feel.

flagship camera sensor

Like the previous V series devices that offer great camera features, Vivo V27 Series The smartphone is packed with a new innovation in imaging technology. Both the variants under the Vivo V27 series come equipped with Vivo’s latest breakthrough – Aura Portrait algorithmic technology. It is the first in the industry to feature Vivo’s solution that incorporates all three aspects in the lighting and imaging processing journey. The first is the Aura Light, a built-in ring light that acts as an additional light source but with a smoother and more delicate effect than a regular phone camera flash.

Vivo also made sure that whether with the back or front lens, users can shoot high-quality videos, thanks to Vivo V27 5G 50MP Eye AF vlogging camera and vivo V27e 32MP vlogging lens.

In addition, Vivo enables its fans to create more creative videos worth sharing on social media Vivo V27 SeriesMicrofilm facility. It acts as a one stop solution where users can edit vlogs with just a few clicks, access 26 effect templates for free, use built-in professional standard video enhancement software and hassle free Enjoy vlog-making experience.

powerful performance

Inside the slim and compact body of the Vivo V27 5G is a MediaTek D7200 4nm chipset that supports dual-mode 5G and dual 5G standby to balance performance and power consumption. Along with a powerful processor, the Vivo V27 series offers a major update with the help of Vivo’s Extended RAM 3.0. With this technology, Vivo V27 5G 12 GB RAM and vivo V27eThe 8GB RAM can support expansion up to 8GB which allows multiple and massive apps to run smoothly in the background simultaneously. Both the variants come packed with 256GB ROM so that users can store as many files as they want.

Vivo V27 Series Also takes users’ productivity to the next level with an all-day battery that has double the life that can handle up to 1,600 charge cycles. This is further enhanced with the 66W FastCharge feature to rapidly recharge the phone’s power from 0 to 50 percent in just 19 minutes.

With the Vivo V27 series and its innovative camera features, enjoy the pocket studio experience and bring out your best self whenever, wherever you are. Both Vivo V27 5G And this vivo V27e They are loaded with powerful features on the inside, which give them the ability to keep up with today’s demanding lifestyle.

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