Vivo V27 Series: A worthy successor to the powerful 4nm processor, Dimensity 7200

vivo v27 series handset

vivo V27 series Not only is it powerful when it comes to camera capabilities, but the Vivo V27 series is overall one of the best flagship midrange smartphones in the market due to its flagship processor, ultra bionic cooling chamber, large RAM & ROM and much more.

Based on latest Antutu results Vivo V27Equipped with 4nm processor, MediaTek Dimensity 7200, achieved 780,000 points in the benchmark score. With its robust hardware, the Vivo V27 series can handle day-to-day activities for the consumers.

On the other hand, the vivo V27e Also showing its powerful potential with over 700,000 points.

Together with its powerful processor, vivo V27 series Also included is heat dissipation with a built-in VC heat sink that exceeds the area of ​​the main heat source by 12 times and a new thermally conductive gel, TC-3035S, to quickly suppress heat for the ultimate in performance release.

In terms of battery life, V27 series Adopts new Lithium Cobalt-Acid battery formula and single-cell solution with 4600mAh battery capacity, which improves energy density while increasing safety and longevity, provides “big power” reserve that was previously limited to thin and light models Was not available in, permanent consumer all day! , 1600 full charge cycles that still retain over 80% capacity.

Uncompromising performance, on top of heat dissipation and battery life, vivo V27 series Plus 1 billion colors 120Hz super-sensitive gaming screen, ultra-high refresh rate screen, and ultra-high touch sampling rate, as well as lasting stable game frame performance, providing consumers with great experience.

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