What does OnePlus have to say about the OnePlus 10T bend test?

What does OnePlus have to say about the OnePlus 10T bend test?

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  • OnePlus has issued a response after the OnePlus 10T failed a YouTuber’s bend test.
  • The company says that the OnePlus 10T has completed or surpassed the durability testing in its lab.

OnePlus phones once again made headlines last week when the OnePlus 10T was subjected to a barrage of durability tests by leading YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. Now, the company has responded to a bend test conducted by a YouTuber, which states that the OnePlus 10T was thoroughly tested before the launch.

The company said, “The OnePlus 10T meets or exceeds all of OnePlus’ extensive durability testing procedures, including a pressure test where the device is suspended while weight is applied to both its front and rear. ” Gadgets 360 in a statement.

“OnePlus 10T features an advanced structural engineering design and can bear more than 45kg” [99 pounds – ed] of external force in this test in OnePlus’ lab. ,

Disappointing results for OnePlus

The JerryRig Everything bend test saw that the phone’s plastic frame cracked neatly under increasing pressure, the break being just below the camera housing but above the battery. The phone seems to have stalled for a while compared to the OnePlus 10 Pro, but the break still happened in the same area as the Pro model.

This result suggested that the phone’s internal layout wasn’t sufficiently responsible for such bending or that the company’s “advanced structural engineering design” wasn’t good enough to pass the bend test.

It’s worth noting that twist testing is a bit extreme compared to the real-world scenarios you might encounter. But it still says a lot about the OnePlus 10T and OnePlus 10 Pro that devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, Google Pixel 6 Pro and Nothing Phone 1 outperformed. So if these manufacturers produce better results than OnePlus, then perhaps it is time for the Oppo-affiliated brand to make things better.

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