You told us: Satellite connectivity for phones is tricky

You told us: Satellite connectivity for phones is tricky

It looks like satellite connectivity is the latest trendy feature to hit smartphones, as T-Mobile recently announced a partnership with SpaceX, Google confirmed support in Android 14, and Apple got a wider range of functionality. expected to offer. This technology may go some way to making sure there are no dead zones anymore.

But is this just another overpriced feature or is it worth the wait? we asked android authorization Readers do they care about satellite connectivity on their phones and here they tell us.

Do you care about satellite connectivity on your phone?


Just over 1,900 votes were cast in this poll after we posted it on September 2 and it turned out that the most popular option was “I don’t mind, as long as I don’t pay extra,” with 52.76% Vote. Many respondents seem curious about satellite coverage on their phones, but not to the extent that they would specifically pay for it.

We can understand this stance, as satellite coverage for phones is currently limited to texting and emergency services. Most people also live in areas with cellular coverage, so it doesn’t make sense to pay extra for fallback service unless you spend a lot of time in dead zones anyway (like mountains, off-shore locations, national parks, e.t.c).

Meanwhile, 26.8% of polled readers said they cared about functionality and that they really needed it. Presumably, these respondents live in areas with dead zones or frequent visits to areas with poor coverage.

Third place was “No, I’m happy with my coverage,” accounting for 13.82% of the vote. Finally, 6.62% of polled readers said they were indifferent to satellite connectivity. In other words, cellular connectivity looks good enough for these users right now, especially compared to the current state of satellite coverage for phones.


  • Gen2CamaroZ28: life changing!! To get to my parents’ house we just have to set the phone on antenna booster once. It would be nice to be able to count on having coverage in case of an emergency. Second, coverage is still missing for places where I spend a lot of time, so it’s a game changer there as well. I have become used to not having phone access as phone coverage is terrible in most rural areas. I can’t even stay on phone calls while driving through Michigan or Kentucky, even on the highway. Then when we go camping, we never have coverage. Our tire burst on the last trip and I had to walk a mile and knock on a stranger’s door to get help. It was scary, and I had to leave my wife and kids back in the car.
  • surge bureau: Maybe useful for one in 10000 users.
  • Charles Copley: I don’t need it, but when my parents are traveling across the country, having that satellite connection when cellular is off would help a lot.
  • Mark McCosky: Cristiano Amon just mentioned satellite connectivity in his IFA 2022 keynote speech regarding Snapdragon connectivity. He’s coming.

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